Maplefine 129 Long Rang Drone

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The Ultra Long-Range Explorer Drone offers unmatched long-distance aerial photography and exploration. With exceptional stability and extended endurance, it expands exploration to new territories. Perfect for adventurers, photographers, and researchers on exciting journeys.

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Step into the world of Maplefine’s distinctive products with a warm welcome. We take great pride in introducing Maplefine 129 Long Rang, a quadcopter that redefines your flying experience. Maplefine 129 Long Rang, equipped with an 800mW battery capacity, stands out with a range of unique differentiators, delivering an exceptional flying sensation.

Maplefine 129 Long Rang excels not only in performance but also in meticulous attention to detail. Its serene noise profile provides a tranquil flying environment, allowing you to explore the sky undisturbed. The clever fusion of a tail buzzer and 8 high-brightness RGB lights enhances drone localization, ensuring precision in your flight operations.

Our product not only boasts exceptional performance but also holds FCC and CE certifications, guaranteeing top-tier quality and safety standards. Upgrading GPS to M80 accelerates search speeds and heightens accuracy, providing a more precise navigation experience. With a long service life and enduring operational cycles, Maplefine 129 Long Rang maintains stability and reliability through extended usage.

Maplefine 129 Long Rang’s prowess isn’t confined to short-distance flights; it excels in long-range flights and rapid speeds, empowering you to explore vast aerial domains. Its streamlined design and impeccable aesthetics not only amplify Maplefine 129 Long Rang’s in-flight efficiency but also lend it a unique charisma.

Whether you’re a professional aviator or an aviation enthusiast, Maplefine 129 Long Rang becomes your steadfast partner in exploring boundless possibilities. Embrace Maplefine 129 Long Rang’s excellence, embark on a close collaboration with Maplefine, and together, create an unforgettable flying experience.



  • The motor wiring now features silicone cables, ensuring ample insulation that remains resilient during soldering.
  • Introduction of a battery pad provides effective anti-slip measures, preventing any unintended battery detachment.
  • The VTX antenna is meticulously engineered for extended range flights, significantly enhancing transmission distances.
  • Integrated Bluetooth capability in the flight controller facilitates swift connectivity to the mobile application for streamlined drone adjustments.
  • A substantial boost in VTX transmission power to 800mW leads to even greater transmission ranges.
  • Utilization of silicone dampers during flight controller installation yields a substantial reduction in vibration, effectively enhancing flight stability.



  • Item name: Mapfine 129 Long Range PNP
  • Wheelbase: 280mm
  • Motor: 2507 1800KV 3-5S Brushless Motor
  • Flight Controller: F4 flight controller
  • VTX: 5.8G 40CH 800mW VTX TX805
  • Gemfan Flash 7040-3
  • Flash Durable 3 Blade
  • 7040-Clear 2L2R

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