Maplefine Baby Ape II

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Streamlined, 0.135 kg – featherweight, and enduring over extended distances. Prolonged 400-850mAh battery longevity, nimble maneuverability, and captivating aesthetics. Navigate with precision, seize awe-inspiring instances. Satisfy both professional and enthusiast requisites. Unleash your aspirations amidst the aerial expanse.

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Propeller Color


Suggested Battery

LiPo 4S 650mAh-850mAh / LiPo 6S 500mAh-650mAh


HQProp T3.5x2x3GR-PC



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Product Details

Maplefine is dedicated to engineering cost-effective FPV drone solutions. We earnestly welcome input from aviators, address the pivotal concerns of pilots, and introduce enhanced products to our user community. Guided by these principles, Maplefine proudly presents the Baby Ape II.

The Baby Ape II is a diminutive 3.5-inch freestyle FPV drone, boasting a sub-250g take-off weight, in full compliance with prevailing regulations across numerous nations. Diverging from its predecessor, the inaugural Baby Ape II’, the Baby Ape II showcases an augmented configuration, employs a more dependable fabrication procedure, and showcases an innovative power system. These enhancements culminate in elevated tiers of performance, resilience, and propulsion. Notably, its flight endurance has been extended to 13 minutes, affording a flight range of 1.5 kilometers, all while attaining an impressive top speed of 92km/h.

For neophytes entering the realm of FPV drone operation with fiscal constraints, we ardently advocate for the Baby Ape II. This iteration not only upholds the cherished hallmarks of its antecedent, the inaugural Baby Ape II, but also elevates its specifications to loftier echelons. Remarkably, this progression comes with only a marginal price increment, thus positioning the Baby Ape II as the preeminent choice for budget-conscious novices.



In contrast to analogous offerings from alternative brands, Baby Ape II’ once again exemplifies exceptional cost-effectiveness, underscored by its unparalleled value proposition.

  • Equipped with 1504 propulsion motors and 3.5-inch rotor blades, Baby Ape II attains heightened thrust capabilities and elevated responsiveness.
  • The camera and electronic stack undergo thorough conformal coating, delivering robust safeguarding against potential hazards posed by metallic debris, particulate matter, granular substances, vegetation, or moisture. This fortification enhances overall system reliability and durability.
  • The inclusion of an audible alarm and supplementary illumination components proves immensely advantageous for novices, who frequently encounter scenarios involving battery depletion and the necessity to locate the drone post-maneuvering errors, avert collisions, and safeguard the craft.
  • Diverse variants of analog/digital VTX systems are at your disposal, offering versatile options to cater to your preferences.
  • The autonomously adjustable platform for action cameras accommodates naked GoPro models, thumb-sized cameras, and analogous devices, facilitating the capture of mesmerizing aerial vistas at a stunning 4K resolution and an impressive frame rate of 60 frames per second.


Packing list:

  • 1 *  Baby Ape II – Freestyle FPV Drone
  • 4 * Propeller – T3.5x2x3GR-PC (2cw + 2ccw)
  • 2 * Battery cable strip ( 10x170mm)
  • 2 * EVA shock pad (thickness: 10㎜)
  • 1 * Spare screws bag
  • 1 * Sticker
  • 1 * Manual



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