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CineApe 25 is a very cost-effective whoop FPV drone. It not only solves the worries of beginners about the high risk factors and high threshold of assembly, but also improves the after-sales experience. If you are still struggling with which FPV drone to buy, Maplefine CineApe25 may be your best choice!

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160mm x 160mm x 43mm

Propeller Color



HQProp T63MMX6

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Product Details

CineApe 25 represents Maplefine’s inaugural venture into the realm of cinematic whoop FPV drones. The airframe is meticulously crafted from upper and lower carbon composite panels, augmented by a high-tensile injection-molded protective enclosure, which confers exceptional structural resilience, crashworthiness, and streamlined disassembly capability.

The propulsion system employs the 1504-3600KV long-life motor variant; we’ve opted for a departure from the conventional All-In-One (AIO) paradigm, embracing instead the modularized architecture of the F4+30A stack configuration, strategically engineered to curtail prospective maintenance expenditures. Supplementary components have been meticulously curated, drawing upon refined and steadfast methodologies to optimize the drone’s longevity and unwavering dependability.



  • Incorporates a robust one-piece injection-molded propeller guard, engineered for elevated safety thresholds, bolstered frame integrity, and risk mitigation, thereby imbuing an amplified flight confidence.
  • The innovative ducted aerodynamic configuration profoundly enhances propulsive efficiency, synergizing seamlessly with the 1504-3600KV long-endurance motor, culminating in a remarkable 9-minute battery lifespan for the CineApe 25 .
  • Diverging from conventional stacking paradigms, the CineApe 25’s stack is meticulously fortified with adhesive encapsulation, comprehensively diminishing the susceptibility to stack impairment arising from potential interaction with metallic particulates, fine particulate matter, granular substances, botanical intrusions, and dew deposition.
  • An external Type-C parameter tuning port confers streamlined parameter adjustments. Facilitated by a swift-release mechanism, a mere 7 screws are all that’s requisite to extricate the top plate and injection-molded guard, adroitly accommodating exigent accessory replacements.
  • The stack integrates an embedded barometric altimeter and an SD card slot, while reserving an array of interface provisions, affording a versatile landscape for future augmentations and customizations.
  • Diverse configurations and high-definition Video Transmitter (VTX) solutions can be availed as optional selections.


Pakcing List:

  • 1 * CineApe 25 Cinematic FPV Drone
  • 4 * Propeller – HQProp T63MMX6  (2L2R)
  • 2 * Battery strap 10x170mm
  • 1 * EVA crashproof foam
  • 1 * EVA bottom plate shock absorbing pad
  • 1 * Spare Screw Kit
  • 1 * Sticker
  • 1 * Manual




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