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HULK Waterproof fpv drone uses high-quality materials and sealed design, with excellent IP67 level waterproof, dustproof, and impact resistance, it can protect the drone even when flying in complex environments such as rainy days or seaside.

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Germfan Sbang 4934-3

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We proudly introduce the Maplefine HULK, an exceptionally distinctive global offering in the realm of waterproof cinematic FPV drones. It possesses the unique combination of IP67 waterproof certification and a carbon fiber skeleton, ensuring exceptional performance even in the harshest conditions.

HULK transcends the boundaries of conventional drones, ushering in a novel experience of aerial exploration both above and beneath water. With its lightweight quadcopter design, FCC and CE certifications, and a mere weight of 290 grams, it offers an unparalleled level of control and flight exhilaration. Its superior engineering guarantees enduring peak performance over extended periods, delivering impressive flight range and speed alongside remarkable longevity.

Beyond its remarkable performance, HULK’s design seamlessly blends a streamlined aesthetic, radiating a perfect form and elegant demeanor. Whether in flight or on display, it commands attention, captivating all onlookers.

Our product is built on a foundation of meticulous attention to detail and innovative prowess, offering you an unparalleled flight experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or an enthusiast, the Maplefine HULK will stand as your ultimate companion, catering to your imaging needs across diverse environments. Let HULK lead you into uncharted skies, enabling the creation of astonishing visual masterpieces. Choose HULK today and embark on an extraordinary journey of drone flight!



  • Exceptional reliability and enduring ruggedness, impervious to all weather conditions. All electronic systems undergo a meticulous glue encapsulation process and are ensconced within aluminum alloy casings, not only accentuating its sleek aesthetics but also endowing it with remarkable durability. Boasting an IP67 protection rating, it showcases unparalleled waterproof and dustproof capabilities, enabling operation in the harshest terrains such as mud, ice, snow, and water, without succumbing to damage.



  • Experience seamless flight dynamics. Leveraging a meticulously calibrated center of gravity distribution, the drone exhibits unwavering stability and nimbleness, a characteristic ideally suited for freestyle maneuvers. Pilots are afforded an exceptional flying experience.
  • Elevated stabilization and anti-vibration performance. Maplefine HULK integrates an array of shock absorption mechanisms, ensuring seamless video capture devoid of disruptive jitter during camera usage.
  • Unveiling a multifunctional cinematic FPV drone engineered for aquatic environments. The Maplefine HULK is outfitted with a 6S-45A F4 AIO system, housing a built-in ELRS 2.4GHz receiver and an array of plug-and-play interfaces bolstered by short circuit protection. This adaptability renders it versatile, accommodating a spectrum of user requirements.
  • Extended operational lifespan. The HULK waterproof motor boasts premium-grade stainless steel bearings, endowing it with outstanding rust resistance and a motor service life exceeding 2000 hours.



  • Ensuring unwavering signal stability and strength. Employing innovative floating foam designs, the drone is engineered to autonomously flip when submerged, thereby maintaining the antenna above the water surface, ensuring consistent signal strength and stability.
  • User-centric innovations abound. Showcasing a novel aesthetic, modular construction, and compact architecture, the Maplefine HULK weighs a mere 290 grams, affording users the freedom to engage in DIY modifications.


Packing List:

  • 1 * HULK – Waterproof FPV Cinematic Drone
  • 4 * Propeller – 4934-3 (2L2R)
  • 2 * Battery strap 20x230mm
  • 1 * Battery Bottom Buffer Seat
  • 1 * Spare Wire Pack
  • 1 * Spare Screw Kit
  • 1 * 24-in-1 Multifunctional Screwdriver Kit
  • 1 * M5 Socket Wrench (for motor nut)
  • 1 * Sticker
  • 1 * Manual

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